This is a paper I wrote for my Intersectionality class. Because it is a class paper there may be a bit of a “dropped in the middle of a conversation” feel to it while reading it. Still, I decided to publish it because it feels timely given the anti-trans, racist, eugenicist sports and other sexed spaces legislation that came about in the 2021 legislative sessions across the United States. I’d love to hear your thoughts and I hope that you enjoy!

Screenshot of a Tweet from Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride quote tweeting Jonathan Swan’s sharing the news that Caitlyn Jenner is considering running for governor of California.

In Ezra Horbury and Christine “Xine” Yao’s conference report “Empire and Eugenics: Trans Studies in the United Kingdom,” (2020)…

This piece probably will follow suit with last month’s wherein there won’t be any long write ups. This is already almost a week later than I would’ve liked it to be, but I wanted to share some newish tracks with y’all all the same.

So without further ado, here are some of the new tracks I rocked this month.

“Ghost Shaped People” — Lamb of God

Starting this list with LoG makes me realize how these lists seem to feature the same group of bands and artists month after month. I suppose there has to be a backbone that keeps things moving! And LoG is like the…

January 2021’s standout tracks

I unfortunately don’t have a lot of time to write about each track this month, but I hope you all will enjoy this curation I’ve put together. The full playlist can be found here. See y’all next month!

“Fillin’ My Cup (Feat. Little Big Town)” — Hailey Whitters

“k.” — The Sonder Bombs

“Flames (Feat. Avril Lavigne)” — MOD SUN

“Not My Problem (Feat. Travis Barker)” — Escape the Fate

“Been A Long Time” — Earshot

“STRENGTH BONUS (Feat. osquinn & fish narc)” — blackwinterwells


I wrote my first draft of this missive in the middle of the night before the calendar flipped over to 2021. I added the second part a few days ago. As I write now, on January 7, it seems silly to continue this project. But I suppose I have as much a right to frame my year as anyone else. Before getting to the bits of what I originally wrote that still remain, let me say that one of my goals this year is to learn more about mutual aid, especially how to do it meaningfully and well.

The Body

2021 marks…

[Image Description: A screenshot from Spotify for a playlist titled “December 2020”]

By the time you read this it’ll be less than a week left in 2020. I’ve said this many times, it’s been a great year for music! The tracks included on this list helped me to finish the year strong, sonically speaking. This list includes Australian punk rock about AC/DC, as well as AC/DC themselves, emo from Cleveland, Ohio, heavy metal from L.A., and more!

1. AC/DC CD — The Chats

This track, coming in under 2 minutes, is a punk rock ode to AC/DC, the “second greatest band in history.”

2. Redneck Girl — Tim McGraw

This isn’t a revolutionary Tim McGraw song, in my opinion, down to the instrumentation…

A screenshot from Spotify of a playlist entitled “Favorite Christmas Songs 2020”

I don’t think I’ve done a list like this yet! Maybe on my social media, but not in blog form, and certainly not on Medium. This time of year is usually focused on album of the year lists, and I’ve shared my own, but I also wanted to highlight some of my favorite Christmas songs, including some standout versions of some standards.

Christmas Music

To start with, my base Christmas playlist on Spotify has 294 songs on it. So I was working from that, mostly, as well as paying some attention to the Christmas albums that have come out this year. My…

Can you believe it?

A screencap of a Spotify playlist entitled “2020.”

In 2019 I didn’t do an album of the year list because I did a decade-long retrospective instead! I figured if I was only going to do one or the other, I might as well do the one that you can only do once every 10 years!

I’m excited to tell you what albums I think were the best this year! There’s some strong competition.

1. Brave Faces Everyone — Spanish Love Songs

Far and away my favorite album of the year is Brave Faces Everyone by Spanish Love Songs. Absolutely the beginning of the year release that I needed to get me through the year that 2020…

Check out the entire October 2020 playlist here

Another month has come to an end! With the end of October comes some songs I’d like to share with you all. I’ve been listening to these as I’ve gone through all of my midterm assignments! May they serve you in equally busy times.

Also, look out in November for my album of the year list! It’s been a great year for music and I can’t wait to share a wrap-up of all my favorites with you.

  1. “Shelter In Place” — Laura Jane Grace

Absolutely I had to start this list with a track off of Laura Jane Grace’s new…

Part 4: What it means to be readable in academia

In part 3 I talked about the Gender Studies class that really let me get my first taste of interdisciplinary methods.

Click the links to read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Goin’ to grad school

Fall 2016 I took Love & Sex, KSU’s most introductory level gender studies class. I also took Queer Theory, in addition to a communication and a journalism class. I read Stone Butch Blues for Love & Sex, but academically it was a rather sleepy semester as I tried to finish my undergraduate degree. Finally, then, was Spring 2017. I had one class left for my major, a…

Part 3: A first taste of the interdisciplinary

In part 2, “The school paper and other extracurricular (mis)adventures,” I wrote about my first college student organization, taking my first gender studies classes, and my continued relationship with journalism.

Gender studies wins a heart and mind

But if I was riding a wave of energy in Fall 2014/Spring 2015, some of it started to fray at the edges, and some of it started to shift by Fall 2015. Before getting to Fall 2015 however, it’s important to at least pause on one of the Supreme Court decisions handed down in the summer of 2015. It’s no surprise that Supreme Court decisions can have ripple effects. And…

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