What I listened to in June & July

Check out the full playlist for July 2020 here. It includes 30+ songs

Despite the state of the world, there is not only still good music, but still good new music coming out! From bedroom and home studio recordings to albums that had been ready for release before the pandemic, there have been a lot of great releases these past two months!

I’m going to showcase some of my favorites here.

  1. “Open Door” — Mike Shinoda

Any time there is new Mike Shinoda, I’m obviously excited! What started as a single flourished into a two volume album! Dropped Frames volume 1 and 2 are great additions to Shinoda’s body of work! With tracks that let him explore the instrumental and the electronic more in-depth than on Post Traumatic, Dropped Frames are great collections of songs that I encourage everyone to listen to! If you’re new to Mike Shinoda’s work, may I recommend starting with “Open Door.”

2. “Smalltown Boy” — Orville Peck

Second on the list is another return to this feature — Orville Peck, this time with the single “Smalltown Boy.”

3. “Strings of Separation” — Counterparts

Counterparts continues to impress with their latest effort “Strings of Separation.” 2019’s Nothing Left To Love had a track featured in this feature, and Counterparts are proving themselves to be tireless.

4. “Marbles” — The Sonder Bombs

The Sonder Bombs have released a split with Snarls. Their new track off the split, “Marbles” is a really sad and beautiful song.

5. “Anxiety” — Tatiana DeMaria

I’ve enjoyed Tatiana’s music since I first saw TAT at Warped Tour in 2008. Now DeMaria is back with a new acoustic version of TAT’s track “Anxiety.” Both versions are worth of a listen, and both TAT and DeMaria are worth a deep dive (in true punk fashion, it wouldn’t take long, less than two hours to go through everything available from TAT and DeMaria on Spotify).

6. “Life’s A Mess” — Juice WRLD ft. Halsey

7. “since i was young (with kesha)” — Wrabel

8. “I Revolve (Around You)” — Neck Deep

9. “Wreck Me” — Jamie O’Neal

10 “Give Great Thanks” — Dorian Electra

11. “Something For Me” — The Ones You Forget

12. “Crippling Poison” — The Acacia Strain

13. “is your bedroom ceiling bored?” — Sody ft. Cavetown

14. “Extermination” — Upon A Burning Body

What I was listening to a year ago

Last June was a great month for new music! In particular, Motionless In White’s “Thoughts & Prayers” has only gotten more and more relevant since its release!

It’s almost harder to pick just one song to highlight from last July, but I’m going to go with “Crush” by Rachael Fahim.

Thanks as always for tuning in! I hope you’re walking away with some great new tracks! Til next month!



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